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I'm writing this as a current customer, who is in the process of paying off and closing the card. After only 3 weeks having the card I have had to call numerous times to see why my card is being declined when trying to make a purchase be it in person or online.

the very first purchase I made was $29 or so and that went through no problem. The next day I attempted to make another small purchase inside of the gas station and it was declined. I was on the phone for just under 30 minutes before I was transferred and told that a fraud alert was placed on my card. She said it was odd because my card was new.

So she proceeded to manually override the purchase so it would go through. She told me to give it until midnight to allow the system to refresh. She also mentioned that because I'm in Las Vegas it raised a flag because I made a purchase outside of the city. I explained to her that I online shop like most people do.

I've done nothing out of the norm whatsoever. She mentioned the purchase was in Arizona for Godaddy. I didn't know shopping online with a reputable company raised a fraud alert. I was reassured it wouldn't happen again.

Yesterday I attempted to purchase myself some dinner and again my card was declined. I was told the card was not valid. I proceeded to call customer service of the food delivery service I was trying to order from and they told me to log out of the app and onto their actual .com so I did only to get declined again and a message popped up (which I have screenshots of) saying the purchase being declined by the issuing bank. I called O.S yet again to find out what was going on and was told everything was fine and it's not on their end.

I call the food delivery service again and was told usually a fraud alert being placed on the card or lack Of funds may cause the decline and message to pop up. I proceeded to try to order from another reputable food delivery service thinking maybe it wasn't my card- nope, declined again. sure enough, i call O.S back and they transfer me to the fraud department and I was told that there was yet another fraud alert on my card. She stated that because I had a few charges from outside of my city it raised a flag.

I explained to her i online shop like most people do. She wasn't listening to me and kept saying that my purchase activity was raising a flag. What activity?? she brought up the first fraud flag that was placed on my account for absolutely no reason at all as if she was trying to guilt trip me or something.

I told her that I shouldn't have to call in each time I want to make a purchase and that they are unfairly targeting me with fraud alerts on my account. She proceeded to tell me that that's what having a secured card is all about and that secured cards are more strict. She told me that I could call and ask for paperwork stating that I did not want these strict precautions. I don't feel it's right to place false fraud flags on someone's account when normal activity is taking place, nor do I think I should have to call and beg to be able to spend my own hard earned money.

I feel their practices are very unethical and shady. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone, unless they like going out of their way to spend their own money. before ending the call she explained that I should pay before spending. I literally just sent in $35 days prior , which I told her.

And she said that could be what was causing issues. Mind you, I had $117 or so on the card and was attempting to spend $40 or so. at this point it just seemed like she was making up stuff as she went along. Never in my life have I dealt with anything like this with ANY credit card secured or non secure.

Absolutely ridiculous. Customer support is horrible as well, straight attitude and act like they are going out of their way to even address you.

Unless you like getting declined in a store full of people and having to call and beg for an override is your thing id advise you stay far away. I am protecting myself by seeking legal help as I refuse to allow them to take anymore shady and unethical actions against me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital Bank Opensky Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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